Family Systems

  • Cliff, a chiropractor with a failing business, has been mandated by the court to attend therapy sessions for his DUI. Here we learn about his pressures and how he has justified his drinking as well as behaviors around hiding his drinking.  
  • Rhonda is lost without her husband Cliff. He always knows just what to do. Her world is too fragile without him at the center of it. She would never disagree with him so she lets him make all the decisions. She wouldn?t want to offend him or make him think she doesn?t appreciate everything he does.  
  • Terry is now 13 years old but has been stuttering since he first learned to talk. He's endured endless teasing at school but is beginning to find the resources to overcome his disorder. But his father's alcoholism and constant disappointment in him are making it all the harder for him to overcome it.  
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