Case Studies


  • When Aaron sees it or thinks about blood, he becomes overtaken by anxiety. 
  • Alex grew up seeing poker and gambling as his connection to adulthood. 
  • Alexis has been experiencing nightmares two or three times a week. 
  • Aliyah believes you can have it all. She is the living proof of it. 
  • Amrita is unsure what the future holds for her and her baby. 
  • Angela feels cruelly abused; people are always disappointing her. 
  • April is terrified of leaving the house or being in public with others. 
  • Bill has experienced extreme mood changes since graduating college. 
  • Bobby considers himself a sharp guy; he knows how to find the angles. 
  • Brent has already had discipline and emotional issues for many years. 
  • Camila is overwhelmed by depression and is helpless to fight it. 
  • 14-year-old Carl was abandoned by his mother when he was seven. 
  • Cliff is often drunk, but his problem has gotten worse and worse. 
  • Cliff is irritable, exasperated, angry, self-pitying, and desperate. 
  • Cliff is in the ER having just been arrested for a DUI. 
  • Dana is very difficult in the classroom and has had discipline issues. 
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