Motivation & Emotion

  • Dennis always thought of himself as a well-liked, easy-going type of guy, but recently he's started having recurrent bouts of anxiety to the point where he was rushed to the hospital thinking he was having a heart attack.  
  • Katrina began having mood fluctuations a few years ago, which ranged from moderately depressed to a happier, more hyper mood at other times. The fluctuations began increasing in frequency and she now feels helpless to control herself at any given moment.  
  • Kristen is feeling very depressed. Her husband has been experiencing a prolonged period of anxiety, her son has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and she has just been diagnosed with Huntington?s Disease.  
  • Sean has had trouble with his temper. He easily gets frustrated and is quick to get angry. He looks to escalate tensions and situations rather than find a peaceful solution, and he is often feeling slighted or victimized by others even if there is no evidence of the offense.  
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