Risk & Crisis Assessment

  • Cliff is a chiropractor with a failing business. He feels unfairly treated by life; trapped by the responsibilities of his job, and being saddled with a mousy wife and a stuttering son. He's always drunk, but as the years have gone by, his problem has gotten worse and worse. In this video, he has just been arrested for a DUI and is in the ER.  
  • Emmanuel was fixing a space heater in an enclosed space and began acting strangely. He alternates between acting drunk and imagining his husband is out to get him. His husband has gotten him into the ER for an evaluation.  
  • Patty was brought into the emergency room by paramedics after a neighbor found her unconscious in her car. The car had been left running while the garage door was closed, causing exhaust fumes to build up around Patty. She recently lost custody of her children and had some other setbacks in her life, but she still initially claims she wasn?t trying to commit suicide. She swears she was just listening to music and accidentally left the garage door closed.  
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