Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders

  • Henry is steady and dependable, but when his company is sold and the dynamics of his professional world are shaken up, he begins seeing and believing things that are not real. His reputation and sense of control over his life are damaged and he is helpless to stop the thoughts in his head.  
  • Kira is a driven, single professional woman who believes a married man she recently met at a conference is her soul mate. She's misinterpreting his courtesy kindness as invitations for much more.  
  • Nia was a confident, happy woman, but she had been struggling with occasional dramatic mood changes. During one of these mood fluctuations, she traveled cross-country and wound up in jail and later a hospital for her erratic and strange behavior.  
  • Paulina was living a normal, calm life until her desire to do anything disappeared and she soon began having delusional thoughts and hallucinations. Eventually, the symptoms went away, but now they come back every year.  
  • Over the last 43 days, Sheryl has been hearing voices coming from her pipes. She's been confused, and not making a lot of sense when speaking to others. She shut herself away from her friends and family for a while and at some point, the symptoms simply disappeared. She worries it will happen again.  
  • After graduating college, Tyler began hearing voices in his head. They would tell him to be distrustful of others and clue him into the conspiracies and deceit happening around him. He believes the delusions and they have taken over his life.  
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