Dissociative Disorders

One?s perception of reality and their dependence on their senses to help them navigate the world can be impaired through dissociative disorders, which may cause a disconnect and trouble maintaining a dependable connection between their surroundings and identity and their thoughts, memories, and actions.
  • Stephanie is struggling greatly as she watches her father slowly dying, and it is having a significant impact on her mental health. She believes the stress and the confusion of the situation have caused her to feel strange. She explains she feels like she has stepped outside of herself and is watching things happen to her as if she were someone else. It has begun causing issues with many parts of her life and she is displaying other behaviors that are strange or unlike her. The mystery of what is happening to her is revealed throughout the session, as her words and mannerisms provide the viewer with clues to her symptoms. The learner is able to hear her explanation and see her responses, providing context and insight into her condition.  
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