Paraphilic Disorders

For some individuals experiencing paraphilic disorders, intense recurrent sexual fantasies inappropriate urges, and troubling behaviors may be present that involve attraction to inanimate objects, children, or non-consenting adults, or a desire to engage in sexual conduct that could be harmful to oneself or their partner.
  • Lucas has a dark secret that could destroy his entire existence, and he has been struggling for years to keep it secret and to keep himself from hurting others because of it. Despite all indications that he is a "normal" dependable man, Lucas has a strong sexual attraction to prepubescent children. He has managed to control his thoughts and has never pursued actual sex with a child, but the attraction is strong, and has to resort to slightly less-problematic, but still illegal, immoral means to satisfy his urges. As a result, he was recently arrested for possession of child pornography. As viewers observe Lucas in his most honest state, they see the conflicts and deep disturbances that control his mind. It is obvious that Lucas knows his urges are bad and can hurt other people greatly, but he also feels like he is the victim of a society that refuses to understand him.  
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