Substance-Related & Addictive Disorders

Our library of Addiction and Substance Use case studies provide learners with a raw unflinching look at the disorders, symptoms, and life-altering consequences experienced by individuals and families struggling to control their use and dependence on addictive and harmful substances.
  • Cliff Bennett looks at his life as a series of compromises and failures that have led him to an unstable, uncertain place in the world. A disappointment in the eyes of his overbearing father, he settled for a career that he never wanted. A problematic marriage and divorce have led to estrangement from a daughter that he rarely sees and a lot of regrets. He has been drinking progressively more over time to hide from his problems and his feelings, but he is confident it is not a problem. As the viewer witnesses Cliff's testimonial first-hand, they have the opportunity to observe his mannerisms, behaviors, and approach to telling his story. The details of the session reveal clues that indicate a potential diagnosis.  
  • Cliff was recently ordered to attend therapy after a DUI arrest. He is struggling with a failing business and other personal issues and is having trouble dealing with the pressures of his life without drinking. He spends time and energy hiding his drinking from his family and those around him. This video uses cinematic approaches, like flashbacks and reenactments, to bring the viewer deeper into Cliff's story, providing helpful context that enforces the details of his struggle. As the viewer watches the session, they witness Cliff as he describes his issues and attempts to justify the way he copes with everything. These details inform the learner as they search for a potential diagnosis.  
  • Cliff has been a heavy drinker for some time now. He came to the realization he needed to change his ways after suffering personal and professional problems as a result of his drinking. Now, a couple of days after taking his last drink, he's feeling overwhelmed by physical and emotional problems, including feeling irritable, exasperated, angry, self-pitying, and desperate. Cliff tells his story as the viewer witnesses his mannerisms and behaviors in a raw, authentic way. Through their words and actions, a potential diagnosis can be formed.  
  • For Alex's whole life, the only thing he truly felt connected to was the game of poker. He felt great joy while playing and his skill at the game made him feel somehow special. When he grows up and decides it's time to follow his destiny and become a professional player, he jumps in with both feet. Soon he is in over his head and finds himself getting more reckless and chasing bigger games to try and get back to even. Alex's story is presented by Alex himself directly to the viewer. This gives the learner an opportunity to hear it unfiltered and to observe mannerisms and behaviors that could hold clues to his disorder.  
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