Bipolar & Related Disorders

  • Nia presents for therapy after her steadily declining mental condition manifested in erratic, dangerous behavior that concluded with her being jailed. She explained that she was once a confdent, happy woman, but she is now at the mercy of a disorder that causes her mood to fluctuate greatly. She noted that, at times, she feels so energized and strong that she can accomplish anything, which may have been what led her to drop everything and embark on an ill-planned cross-country road trip. As viewers listen to her recall the details of the incident and explain her condition, they observe clues about her symptoms and utilize the information to figure out an appropriate diagnosis for her condition.  
  • Bill has appeared for therapy with complaints of an increasingly fluctuating mood. He explains that, at times, he feels very hyper, but at other times, he is severely depressed. He notes that he wasn't always like this, and the onset of the condition has him deeply concerned about his future. Viewers are given an opportunity to observe Bill's mannerisms and actions in the session and encouraged to utilize the clues available in the video to determine a potential diagnosis.  
  • Katrina has presented for therapy to discuss her concerns over mood swings she has been experiencing for a few years. She explains that the frequency of the swings have increased and it has been negatively impacting her personal and professional life. As she reports on her condition, the viewer observes her verbal and non-verbal symptoms, which provide valuable insight into what diagnosis they should make.  
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