Trauma & Stressor-Related Disorders

  • After Rosalyn was involved in a horrific traffic accident, she became deeply shaken by the gruesome, fatal injuries suffered by the other driver. She was unhurt physically, but two weeks later, she is experiencing troubling imagery, nightmares, trouble concentrating, dread, and anger. In this video, the learner is inserted into the room with the therapist and the patient, allowing them to experience and observe the session in a raw, real way. In the behaviors and words spoken, clues reveal themselves, leading the viewer to a diagnosis.  
  • Maria arrives for therapy following a harrowing incident where she was attacked by a man with a knife. Though physically unharmed, she reports having extreme symptoms and unmanageable fear as a result of the encounter. As she speaks to the therapist about how things have changed for her since the attack, she displays mannerisms and behaviors that provide viewers with clues to decipher her potential diagnosis.  
  • Dan sees himself as a broken, sad man who has given up any sense of control over his life. Since losing his partner a few years ago, he has had no interruptions in his mourning, and thinks about the loss of his loved one nearly every moment of every day. He does not feel he is making any progress toward leading a ?normal? life or moving on, and he believes all other problems and responsibilities are unimportant in comparison to his feelings about the loss of his husband.  
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